About The Author

Corinne Litzenberg’s passion for the natural world is traced back to her childhood. As a child, she enjoyed building forts in the woods, and catching tadpoles and lightning bugs. It was a natural path to follow her passion and teach elementary school for thirty two years in the Diocese of Wilmington in Delaware and Cecil County Public Schools in Maryland. Corinne graduated from The University of Delaware with a major in Elementary Education and Special Education and earned her Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Loyola College of Maryland.  She received her Doctorate of Education from Wilmington University where her research focused on local environmental education.  Her school, Elk Neck Elementary, became the first self-sustained Green School in her district, which is a fourteen year process involving the community.

All of Corinne’s books integrate the natural world and teach environmental activism through her characters. Her tenth book, Ice Cream Cones and Heart Stones, A Child’s Grief Journey will be released in the fall of 2019. In Corinne’s deepest grief of losing her son, Corinne was able to find purpose and meaning to write this book and help children understand grief. Many people heal from loss by finding a place of solace for prayer. Madison begins to heal from the loss of her Granddad through walks on the beach and talks with God and her Granddad.


All of Corinne’s books can be found on her website corinnelitzenberg.com. Dr. Litzenberg and her husband, Dale, divide their time between the Delaware Shore and the Upper Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, enjoying their time with family and friends. They have a standard poodle named George who is a therapy dog that visits the elderly  in senior centers.