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Corinne M. Litzenberg 

Children's Environmental Book Author

Welcome to a journey through my books. I write about the bay and the beach for children of all ages. So start paddling and enjoy the adventure!

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"If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder... he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in."

~Rachel Carson


Corinne's Catch of Books


Flocktales from the Flats

Teaching the history of the Chesapeake Bay, Waterfowl, and Decoys

The Flocktales Series is about four eras of hunting methods on the Chesapeake Bay and how these hunting techniques caused the demise of some of the waterfowl species. Each book has a map, glossary, features different waterfowl, and their own flocktales lesson.

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Duck Blind Love (1910) features the Black duck and when hunters used the "big gun" or the "punt gun." A penned duck lived at the Wild Duck Cove Hunting Club and was used to lure wild game rescues a female black duck hen, Bernadette, from a trap. They fall in love and she has to decide what to do. Her father forbid her to have anything to do with that "traitor duck."

Lesson: Follow your heart like Bernadette

                       1910 Era

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Close Duck Calls (1930) features the canvasback, pintail, and red head species and when hunters used the "sinkbox" boat to kill ducks. Two young ducks have a close duck call with the hunters but Good Ol' Professor Pintail saves the day.

Lesson: Be Thankful like Lucy Redhead

1930 Era

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1950 Era

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Gertrude's Gift (1950) features a snow goose family and other ducks when the hunters body booted on the Susquehanna Flats, and some still do (not outlawed and unique to the flats) Gertrude is not in the Christmas Spirit and seems to be getting in the way of party preparations. She honks, "Hunter!" twice and finds herself walking on thin ice with everyone. Until one night, Gertrude receives the spirit of Christmas!

Lesson: Keep the Christmas or holiday spirit like Gertrude!

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Emma's Dream (present day Bay) features a canvasback hen, a great blue heron, a wood duck, and other ducks and speaks to problems on the Bay as a blue heron teaches Emma about the three P's: Poaching, Pollution, and Pesticides.

Lesson: Dream Big like Emma

Present  Day

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More Publications

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Grandpa's Basement

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Beautifully illustrated with 29 watercolor images, the heartwarming tale relates how a grandson learns more than decoy carving from his grandfather in the basement workshop. Through tall tales and kindly advice, Bobby and young readers alike learn about valuing family and one's elders, to show care and respect, the importance of a clean environment, and wonders of the natural world. Along with the engaging story and colorful illustrations, this book includes a glossary of terms to broaden a child's vocabulary. It is an excellent teaching tool for parents and educators that is sure to be treasured and returned to again and again. Middle grades ages 10-13. 

The Sand Lady: A Cape May Tale

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On a warm summer day, playing at the seashore, Natalie makes a sand lady, dressing her in seashells, Cape May diamonds, and sea grass.  When Natalie adds a magical egret feather to her hat, the sand lady comes to life! So begins an exciting adventure going back in time to Victorian Cape May, 1912.  This book features a map of Old Cape May, mote than twenty watercolor illustrations of landmarks, glossary, and a timeline.

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The Sand Lady: An Ocean City Maryland Tale

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Travel back in time to the early twentieth century as The Sand Lady takes Jillian on a summer vacation to Old Ocean City, Maryland. Together, they have tea at Conner’s restaurant, ride the carousel at Trimper’s Luna Park,  have ice cream at the Sugar Bowl and many more shared beach memories. This book features a map of Old Ocean City and more than thirty vivid illustrations, a glossary, and a timeline.

S is for Sea Glass: An A to Z book

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The Teacher Who Made a Difference

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Ice Cream Cones and Heart Stones, A Child's Grief Journey Story

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Madison loved the beach, especially making memories with her Granddad. “Maddie the Mermaid,” he declared one summer day.


Summers at the beach house were always the best times they shared together.  Then one day, Maddie’s world changed with the loss of her Granddad. 


Find out how Maddie begins her grief journey and how her beach walks and her faith in God help her to heal.

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